Welp. Just like Twitter’s 140 character limit, we’ve got another one following in the footsteps of it’s cousin. Enter @video.

Yup. At least it is bigger than the old 30 second full stop.

Video is becoming increasingly central to the real-time conversations happening on Twitter – video Tweets on Twitter have increased by over 50% since the beginning of 2016.

Also, if you’re a professional, you can utilize the professional tools available at Twitter, and will still be able to upload videos which are up to 10 minutes long. The feature is now live on Twitter for iOS and Android, with macOS and Windows soon to follow. Also, the company introduced an analytical app called ‘Twitter Engage’, which will provide real-time data so users can understand and engage with their audience in a better way; it also gives stats for tweets.

So,  what videos will you lot be posting? Link us to them in the comments below!