At this years E3 just last week Microsoft unveild their brand new Xbox games console, the Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S includes may enhancements over it’s predecessor including the ability to support 4K video on compatible televisions. Also a standard called High dynamic range is supported. However there re other competing standards too and HDR10 is one of these.

A site called Polygon has published a report which says

“After some confusion last week, Polygon has been able to confirm with Microsoft that the Xbox One S will support HDR10 when it launches in August. The company was silent on support for Dolby’s standard.

Vizio, LG and a number of smaller manufacturers have signed on with Dolby, a standard that offers better HDR performance but requires licensed Dolby hardware in both the media player and the 4K television used to display the content. (Vizio is promising an update to its M- and P-Series 4K televisions later this year to support HDR10 as well as Dolby Vision.)”

This means that if it doesn’t allow the Dolby Vision standard for HDR video it could be an issue for people who have a 4K TV which use it exclusively.

Most probably Microsoft did not choose to support Dolby Vision as there is a hefty cost involved in the licencing of Dolby-Based hardware. Many TV makers support HDR colour though so it shouldn’t be a problem for many.

Certain upcoming Xbox games from Microsoft support HDR colour including Microsoft like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3.

The Xbox One S is available to pre-order now and it starts at £349.99 for the 2TB storage model. The 1TV and 500GB versions are on target to be launched later in 2016.

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