Cortana has some fans (if not that many…) on Android and iOS, and most of those users are also, using Windows PCs.

Microsoft’s notification sync feature, where users will be able to receive and interact with their Android and/or iOS notifications from their Windows Action Center, is a pretty dope feature but besides from making Windows Insiders (for now, but possibly the entire world later…) happy, Microsoft is also using it to promote the Windows UWP to developers.

In the latest builds of Windows, the notifications in the Action Center (And of course, the toast notifications) coming from an Android and/or iOS device (via Cortana) will now include a button to request that the same app be developed for the UWP.

Presumably, the fact that the user of the app is also using Windows would be evidence for the developer that they have a built-in audience on Windows ready to adopt their app on Microsoft’s own platform as well.

The button takes you the Windows UWP app requests page which is at present rather underpopulated, but it will be more active after the Anniversary Update is released…

Microsoft has got in trouble before for cross-promoting their products on Android (although via humble notifications… And I don’t know if iOS got the same treatment…), but they should feel safer on their homelands.

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