Microsoft’s new flagship phones have failed to meet the expectation of fans in terms of the design but there was always the promise from Finland based design house Mozo to deliver a premium replacement back cover.

The Mozo covers were first unveiled at the launch event of Lumia 950/950 XL and my order just arrived this week. Here is my full review of the Brown leather back cover for the Lumia 950 XL.



The brown back cover features a brown texture leather with unique white stitching to give it the premium look which Microsoft failed to deliver. It adds a grip to the phone without having to worry about the device slipping gently from the hands of the user. What’s odd is the visible double stitching at the bottom of the cover which seems to be intentional as I have found this on covers shipped to other users as well.

The double stitch sure looks abrupt
The double stitch sure looks abrupt

The cover also features a metal like side panel which Mozo claims to be non-conductive vacuum metal coated PC Plastic. It has a silver metallic look which could be easily mistaken for real metal (probably designed intentionally to avoid additions to the overall weight). The Mozo cover like the official cover from Microsoft does not covers the full side body leaving the black gloss of the phone exposed.

The exposed black gloss

All said about the design, The Mozo covers delivers the extra bit of premium feeling that unarguably should have been considered by Microsoft while designing a Windows flagship. The Mozo cover sure will not fail to fetch you compliments in terms of its look and design. So much that people even appreciate the fact that the Mozo cover unlike other covers does not add to the bulkiness of the device and rather fits perfectly on the device.


The Mozo brown leather cover like the official cover from Microsoft fits tightly by simply pressing on all the sides and edges. No creaking sound makes the Mozo cover a good option over the official cover which I have noticed to have a less than perfect fit on the device. The buttons fit exactly where they are supposed to and are super responsive to press.

The buttons fit perfectly
The buttons fit perfectly

Things to consider before buying

  • Lumia 950 XL Mozo back cover is 26 grams (versus 24 grams for original)
  • Orders to India usually take a week provided you choose priority tracked mail service while purchasing. That adds to the overall cost though.
  • NFC and Qi Wireless charging are built in
  • People seem to complain about the metal covering wear off in three to four months of regular usage.

Price in India

The cover costs INR 2471.99. Add to it the shipping cost of INR 1150 and the total cost of the cover comes to INR 3621.99

Where to buy?

Buy the Mozo brown leather cover from MobileFun India

Worth the buy?

If you have purchased a Lumia 950 XL knowing the fact that Windows devices aren’t performing great in the Indian market, then you already are an ardent fan of Microsoft mobile Eco system. To add the extra premium feeling to a beast of a device, shelling out approximately 3700 Rupee shouldn’t bother you. The fact that the cover integrates rather than adding a bulk to the device makes it a great option for Lumia 950 XL owners.

A premium look for a flagship device


I advise anyone looking to add the extra bit of premium feel to their Lumia 950 XL must surely give a shot at Mozo covers.

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Ankit Mohanty

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