One of the most underrated tasks on a computer is proper security against software attacks and backing up data. With Windows 10, Microsoft has implemented a pretty robust software that helps your computer fend against unwanted cyber attacks. But it seems that Microsoft has neglected to build a backup service that people actually want to use. Windows 10 does come with several backup options but all of them seem to be limited in some way.

Enter Todo Backup, a popular backup software made by Chinese company called EaseUS which has expertise in data recovery and backups. Today, we’ll be specifically looking at the free version of their backup software. As is, the software can be downloaded for free with the option of upgrading to paid version that starts at US$ 23. But don’t belittle the free version, it is already powerful enough for most situations. EaseUS’s Todo Backup software will work with PCs running Windows XP and above.

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The free version of EaseUS’s Todo Backup comes with all the backup and recovery features that the paid versions have. You can backup small things like important files all the way to backing up an entire disk partition. There are 4 different kinds of backups available through the software and below I have included a short description on what each backup does:

  • Disk/Partition Backup — this mode backs up an entire drive volume
  • File Backup — this mode allows you to back up individual files and folders
  • System Backup — this mode backs up the entire operating system that can act as a restore point
  • Smart Backup — this mode intelligently safeguards the files you choose by backing them up based on your usage.

On a side note, if you haven’t taken advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade that will expire on July 29, the free version of Todo Backup will be able to help you safely migrate your data from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10.

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Probably the most useful backup option for me is the file backup because as a student, I have a lot of important documents that I need to backup. The file backup feature on Todo Backup enables me to individually choose which file I want to back up and it only took the program 15 seconds to backup 500mb worth of my documents. The backup itself has been compressed to just 300mb which can be either store locally or stored externally and online to make sure that my data is safe.

In addition to all of that, the free version of EaseUS’s Todo Backup software also comes with an automatic backup feature at no extra charge. You can individually set up a schedule for each backup and the backup can be triggered either by the time or by events.

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The overall user interface is clean and simple. Everything that you need to get started on backing up your computer is front and center. I also like like that there are no annoying upgrade popups and advertisements being displayed on the free version that I have been testing. There’s only a small bar at the bottom which advises you to upgrade to the paid version.

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As mentioned earlier, this review is based on the free version of EasUS’s Todo Backup service and as you can see, you will be able to enjoy powerful backup and restore features without paying a single cent. I love the fact that EaseUS provides all the essential features of a backup and restore software in their free version.

The software is extremely easy to use and even if you have a question about backing up your computer using Todo Backup, you don’t need to fork up US$ 23 to get the Home edition that includes technical support. You could just head over to EaseUS’s website which includes a lot of FAQ articles that will most likely address your problem.

Todo Backup is just one of the software offerings that EaseUS makes. The company also makes data recovery, partition management and utility software for various different platforms.

Try EaseUS’s Todo Backup software today to safeguard your data.