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Disqus, the commenting platform that possibly powers commenting all over the interwebs (including WinLatest), has been supporting Windows Phone and Windows mobile since the early days in 2013. While the Windows Phone app has been well supported since then, developer Ryan Valentin mentioned about more than two months ago that a Windows UWP was in the works…

The Disqus app, which used to be exclusive to Windows Phone (and/or mobile) devices before launching on iOS earlier this year allows users to read and comment on their favorite sites without loading up a full web browser – essentially allowing a data saving experience on sites which use the Disqus commenting system.

Anyway, if you’re wondering when you’ll be able to get the app, Valentin just shared on Twitter that the UWP app is “coming together quickly now”, and an open beta is coming soon.

While some users may not feel the need of using a Disqus app, considering the service works very well on the web, frequent Disqus users including community moderators and frequent commentators will find the app useful for keeping track of discussions and comment replies on their favorite sites. There will also be a Disqus SDK, that will be available soon after the release of the UWP app, so that developers can have native Disqus integration in their UWP apps.