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I’m sure everybody’s been hearing the rumors that Microsoft is waiting for the new Intel Kaby Lake 14nm processors to debut before releasing the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2. But since Kaby Lake isn’t expected to launch until the end of this year, Microsoft could stick with the usual schedule and launch the new Surfaces in September… So, while we’re waiting (and I’m pumped for the Surface Book 2!), let’s dissect these rumors, shall we?…

Microsoft hasn’t kept to a strict launch schedule for the Surface Pro series, which makes a September launch possible. The Kaby Lake processors are built using the 14nm process, similar to the current Skylake chip, but are more powerful. Mass production of Kaby Lake is expected to start later this quarter.

Other mentioned specs for the Surface Pro 5 could possibly include a 4K UHD display (Netflix overload!!!), a higher capacity battery (MORE NETFLIX!!!), an improved Surface Pen, up to 16GB RAM and a USB Type-C port. Similar to the price range of the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Pro 5 could start at $799~ and run as high as $1799~.

While the tablet market is definitely dead, the PC and Laptop market on the other hand is literally dying since there have been less sales in 2015 than in 2014. But, there might just be a chance for these so called Laplets (Laplet : Laptop + Tablet) because they are the best of both worlds but, not that many people use them because they are either too expensive or they just don’t like that form-factor. Microsoft is also expected to debut the new Surface Phone and the Surface Book 2 in September as well…

Even though it is a shame that laplets like the Google Pixel C and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are not really used by everyone, it might just be time for this entire thing to change.. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below if the Surface Pro 5 will finally make you buy a laplet?

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