The WhatsApp team has been hard at work improving the Windows Phone App trying to make it more compatible with Windows 10 Mobile. The Beta app received another update yesterday with some small UI tweaks.

Please see the screenshot below for the changes. The application bar which was removed in the last update is now back but not with the send button.


A “media, links and docs” option is added in the contacts page make it convinient to view all multiple files at one place.

We expect these new UI changes to be released soon to the public version of the app.Do let us know in the comments of what do you think of the recent changes to the App.

  • Dave

    So… they are going to refresh their app, not to do new one.

  • Austin Sesan Ekundayo

    I think WhatsApp needs to develop a W10M version, I dont want to believe this is meant for W10M, the current one is buggy and slow compare to the new viber.

    • Mayank Parmar

      they will improve the current one, so umm.

      • Austin Sesan Ekundayo

        They need to, you can see how fast the new Viber and skype are, I now prefer to communicate with viber.

        • Mayank Parmar

          Yes but as far as I know. WhatsApp has no plan for a completely brand new app. They will update the current app with new UI changes and at last, app will look like W10M one and way faster like Viber or Skype is.

          • Austin Sesan Ekundayo

            Well, we are watching…