If you are using Lumia 640 on AT&T, this news is for you. AT&T is rolling out Windows 10 update for Lumia 640. Users have confirmed it on AT&T forum that they are receiving the update.

You need to download Update Advisor to check for the update and it should be ready for you. Don’t forget to backup your mobile to avoid any mishappening.

Are you receiving the update on your Lumia 640? Tell us in the comments.

  • hlava

    I’m just wondering who of those regular people know they have to download some Update advisor? If MS wants to push the update it should be distributed like any other SW update. I personally know some people with L640 for which the update in my country was launched more than a month ago but they still don’t have the W10m because they don’t know they have to download some app and when I told them they said “oh, so it’s not official update but some beta testing right? Why else to download some app… I’ll just wait for regular update”. One of many other problems of low windows mobile market share…

    • Mayank Parmar

      If you are using windows 10 mobile that so-called official version. You know that the OS is so buggy than 8.1. Even Microsoft is not willing to release it to everyone that’s why they are using Update Advisor. However, they will push W10M without that shit advisor by end of this year.