Windows 10 Mobile Build 14322 review

If you are seeing ‘disabled’ error in Windows 10 Mobile Insider Ring selection settings, then you are not alone and Microsoft knows it. One of the members of Insider team Jason has mentioned this bug in a community forum post. He tells that they are aware of this bug and actively working on it.


Jason also posted some important notes which are following:-

  • We will not release any flights until this is corrected.
  • A fix is expected within the next few days, so no new builds over the weekend.  This isn’t surprising, right?  I can count on zero fingers how many Saturday or Sunday builds we’ve released to Insiders.  And… we have Monday off as well.
  • No action should be required on your part.
  • We will make the necessary changes and when complete, affected users should be back on their original ring (WIP Fast)
  • This only affects users on Mobile build 14342.1004 (which was released only to WIP Fast)

Are you also facing this issue? Tell us in the comments.