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Earlier we reported that Microsoft is restructuring its mobile business. Microsoft continues to struggle with the problems caused by it’s Nokia’s acquisition. One decision that Microsoft took now is that Microsoft’s total 1850 employees will be laid off. From which, 1,350 employees are working in Finland and another 500 employees will be impacted worldwide.

Microsoft has laid off employees in several rounds. After Nokia’s acquisition, Company welcomed 25,000 employees. But then Microsoft let go 18,000 employees and 7,800 of them did belong to the Mobile business.

Further, Microsoft also writes off $950 million and, $200 million will be for the payments to employees impacted by this decision. Although even after this decision, the Company will continue to retain its sales unit in Finland.

This restructuring model doesn’t point out towards a bright future but, Microsoft executives claim that they are focusing on the mobile platform and it has a key role in the coming years.

Microsoft is shifting gears now on the Surface team headed by Panos Panay and could bring Microsoft’s biggest Phone project. Panay’s team is likely to bring the Surface Phone next year and thus following the path of Surface tablets.

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