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Its is a well known fact that Microsoft is developing a Universal skype app for Windows 10 Mobile. But yesterday the Microsoft Owned Company on its Support Page confirmed that it’s planning to drop the Video Messaging feature from Older Windows Devices which are running the Microsoft OS.This would mean that the people who have not upgraded to Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile will not be able to send video messages but only save the messages as per the article updated on support page.

How do I save my video messages?

Ready to save a video message? As a reminder, video messages are only stored in your chat history for a limited time, so make sure you save any special messages you want to keep. Simply visit one of these FAQs to learn how:

Please note that you cannot save video messages with Windows Phone or Windows RT. To save your video messages, simply sign into Skype on any other supported platform or device (Windows desktop, Mac, Android, iPhone or iPad).

I’m having trouble upgrading to the latest version

Make your system or device meetings the minimum requirements to download and run the latest version of Skype. Go to Skype system requirements to learn more.

“What should I do if I am using Windows Phone or Skype for Windows RT?

You can still view but will no longer be able to send video messages. If you want to send a message, sign into Skype on video message supported platforms or devices (Windows desktop, Mac, Android, or iOS)”

What do you think about the decision taken by the Microsoft Owned company in not supporting their own Mobile platform.

Will this decision impact the Users of Windows Platform to move to other Operating Systems, let us know in the comments below.