After Tim Cook, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is visiting India later this month. This is Nadell’s third visit in the past 7 months. On his short tour, Nadella is expected to meet with entrepreneurs, developers and students. He is also expected to meet with the top CEOs of corporate India. It will be an hour-long with Industry executives.

Microsoft India confirms the visit and, Microsoft is ready to host an event with Satya Nadella, where he will talk about ‘How technology is developing to solve real-world problems and driving India’s transformation’.

Satya Nadella will be in the country for just one day. After Tim Cook’s visit, it’s the second high-profile visit of the top executives.

India has become an important place for top CEOs and it’s mainly because the internet users are rapidly increasing in India and, this figure is expected to touch 371 million by June 2016.