Microsoft’s Bing search engine is continuing to develop its market in the US at a steady rate. In a report, Bing managed to gain 21.6% market share in April 2016, which was 0.2% up from March’s figures.


On the other hand, Google’s share dropped 0.2% to 63.8%. Bing’s growth has been quite steady as it had 21.3% in February, 21.4% in march and now 21.6% in April.

Bing is 1.4% up from last year’s share, which was 20.2% in April 2015. Bing is certainly making a profit for the Microsoft. Yahoo’s US search engine and few others search engines are also powered by Bing.

It will be good to see if it continues to make steady growth or not. If it does, it could worry Google for sure.