Image Courtesy: Microsoft .com

Slack Beta for Windows Phone has been updated with numerous bug fixes. After installing the latest update of Slack Beta for Windows Phone pushes app version to 2016.517.1617.0.

Change Log:


  • Fixed: a bug where a particular users, with a particular set SSO settings (requiring an alternate flow) never could sign in. Which took the SO out of SSO. SO: We fixed it.
  • Fixed: After starting a new DM with two or more members, duplicate group conversations could appear in the channel list, which was confusing. It is now less confusing.
  • Fixed: Slackbot was showing up at the bottom of the channel list instead of, like everywhere else, being the first channel under Direct Messages. We asked Slackbot to stop shifting about willy nilly and stay in one place. Slackbot agreed.

You can download the latest version of Slack from Windows Store by clicking here.