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It looks like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge Browser is facing a tough time in desktop browser competition. The latest report from StatCounter reveals that Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are no longer the popular web browsers as Firefox browser becomes the second most popular desktop browser after Google Chrome.

“Microsoft might have expected a boost to its overall browser share as the result of the launch of the Windows 10 with Edge but it hasn’t happened to date” – StatCounter

Google Chrome is still the most popular browser with 60.5% of market share and on the second spot, Firefox owns 15.6% market share. Whereas, Internet Explorer plus Microsoft Edge captures 15.5% of market share.

StatCounter Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge market share

Indeed, Microsoft is struggling with Microsoft Edge due to the poor performance of the browser and lack of several features. However, Windows Anniversary update will bring some significant changes to the browser, and we hope Microsoft Edge will able to overtake other browsers very soon.