Misfit, popularly known for their wearable devices, released their brand new two apps i.e Misfit Link and Misfit Home on Windows store. Both are UWP app, available for both Mobile and PC.



First of all the Misfit Link has following features :

• Misfit Link is a new software experience that makes your wearable an even more powerful tool to control and connect with the world around you.

• The Misfit Link app lets you use any Misfit Shine 2, Flash or Flash Link to take a selfie with your phone camera app, control your music,advance slides in a presentation and much more.

• Use Cortana to switch between different modes using just your voice.


Then Comes the Misfit Home having following features :

Transform your room using dynamic lightscapes, from a warm glow to an ever changing rainbow.
• Design custom lightscapes from your favorite photos.
• Select from millions of colors.
• Adjust the brightness to just the right level to fit your mood
• Create and manage multiple rooms.
• Wake up to a simulated sunrise.

You can download Misfit link from here! And Misfit Home from here!