Windows 10 has now got a new Disk Management 3rd party app called Smart Defrag 5 made by IObit.

The new version of Smart Defrag has accelerated considerably the defragment speed and fully supports Windows 10. Integrated with a new defrag engine, Smart Defrag optimizes 5 defragmentation algorithm and supports multi-threading to a defragmentation ultra fast and stable. This way, you can significantly reduce the time of full defragmentation. In addition, Smart Defrag 5 intelligently applies the most suitable method for different discs according to the operating system used to achieve maximum PC performance.Compared to Smart Defrag 4, the new version 5 of defragmentation increases the speed by up to 50% and significantly improves workflow efficiency for users.

The following lists the new features added in the latest release of the software IObit:

  • The new engine supports multithreading for fast defragmentation ultra job, stable and efficient.
  • The new defragmentation and optimization technology intelligently applies the most suitable method for different discs, to achieve the maximum performance.
  • It added the defragmentation of files specified in the Defragment Startup form.
  • It added the defragmentation of large files, to speed up the read / write speed of the disk and increase its longevity.
  • He added the defragmentation of the free space to maximize the read / write performance.
  • It has been added Dumbledore mode, to adjust intelligently defragmentation priority according to the preference of the users and the disk status.
  • It Supports Scheduled Task to automatically defragment the disk when the PC is idle.
  • It has been added to Automatic Update to keep Smart Defrag to date.
  • It was added to the theme Readable and a new intuitive interface for easy use.
  • It supports more than 30 languages.

Download it here.