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If you are Windows Mobile fan, this news can disappoint you. The latest Kantar report says that Windows Phone market share continues to fall in almost every region except japan where it was only 0.1 percent up.


As we can see in the report, Windows Phone market share fell badly specially the regions where it was very well received. The biggest downfall came from France where it received 9.1 percent downfall following by Italy which recorded downfall of 8.1 percent.

Microsoft recently announced that they only sold 2.3 million Mobile devices since January to March 2016 which was 73 percent drop from 8.6 million in the same period last year.

The only market it recorded some growth is japan but the growth is only 0.1 percent and you can forget about it. Windows Phone is never received well in USA and it records yet another downfall there with 1.6 percent loss.

Europe and Spain recorded 2 percent 2.2 percent downfall respectively. China is no exception either. It dropped 0.5 percent as compared to previous year in China

It is noted that Kantar’s reports are mostly user statics and does not reflect the purchases at enterprise level where Microsoft has striking market. We will have to wait for the Q2 results to see if Microsoft’s strategy towards mobile change the market or not.

What do you think about Kantar report? Do you think that Windows Phone market may improve in coming months?