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We only know about the capabilities of HoloLens yet. And now we have what maybe some had long been waiting for , the internal specifications of the first holographic computing device.

The data were obtained by installing the version of AIDA64 Mobile in HoloLens, therefore, are quite reliable. In the following table we can see most of the major hardware data such as the processor, storage, graphics processor, RAM, battery and the resolution of the cameras.

Specifications HoloLens

SW 10.0.11802.1033 Windows
(32 – bit)
CPU Intel Atom x5-Z8100
1.04 GHz
Intel Airmont (14 nm)
4 logical processors
Compatible with 64 – bit
GPU / HPU HoloLens Graphics
Provider ID GPU 8086h (Intel)
Dedicated Video Memory 114 MB
Shared system memory 980 MB
Storage 64 GB (54.09 GB available)
Limit memory used by app 900 MB
Battery 16,500 mWh
Photo camera 2.4 MP (2048 × 1152)
Video camera 1.1 MP (1408 × 792)
Video speed 30 FPS


Tthese specifications may seem small but  really HoloLens behave very well.

We do not have much information about HPU (Holographic Processing Unit). But we know that is able to process “terabytes” of information from all sensors in real time.

It has 64 GB of storage, in which 54 GB is free. Windows Central, having made a lot of photos, videos and installation of applications including some games, space is still available in 46 GB.

  • Project Explorer Galaxy – 139 MB
  • Young Conker – 433 MB
  • RoboRaid – 155 MB
  • Fragments – 892 MB
  • Skype – 50 MB
  • 3D Viewer – 23 MB

HoloLens include a small battery of 16.5 Wh which lasts up to approximately 2 hours .

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