Gameloft has released a new update for its fantasy strategy game Siegefall.

It adds a creature Geru Ashenfang as a fighter and two spirits: luxeros, a protective unicorn, and Fenris, the dark blood wolf.
• Geru Ashenfang is a mobile melee fighter that can dash through targets to either build up damage or cross the map faster.
• Luxeros, a protective Unicorn, is the first Light-elemental Spirit and can provide the Hero with a shield when the pair destroys a tower.

• You don’t want to cross Fenris! This blood wolf is the first Dark-elemental Spirit and attacks more viciously as the battle drags on.
• Vanguard REVAMP! Dominate the battlefield with upgradable Heroes, Troops, Cards, and more!

• CARD Fusion: Fuse multiple copies of cards to create a more powerful “”Enhanced Card.””

• New resource: Fusion Elixir! The perfect material for fusing cards.

• We’ve re-invented the RUNES! They’re now more smoothly integrated with the new VIP system.

• 2 NEW Guild Raids and even more Raid levels!

• Trial of Heroes! Bi-weekly events targeted to specific Heroes. Unlock them all and go to battle to win amazing resources!

You can get this game by clicking here