World At Arms for Windows Phone has been updated in the Windows Store. The update adds a slew of new features and improvements.


  • Breach the Enemy’s Tower Defenses in the all-new Faction game mode!
    • Establish a new Base together with your Faction
    • Unveil the Fog of War, claim Points of Interest and collect a new Faction Resource
    • Build and Upgrade new Faction buildings
    • Deploy Turrets to protect your Command Center
    • Breach the Enemy Base with new Faction Units and Power-Ups
    • Unleash the massive Jotunn to crash through even the toughest defenses
    • Loot Enemy Faction Enhancements and use them to boost your PvP units
  • Top 6 Units boost the power of Prometheus and Atlas
  • Underwater Boosters affect Thorium production buildings
  • The Knife, Pistol, and Grenade PvP system replaced by Enhancements & Gear
  • PvP Units’ Power & Cost rebalanced to better fit the Enhancements & Gear boost system
  • Easy-to-use Faction, Army, and Deploy menus
  • Military Council and Base Structures boost Attack & Defense in Faction Wars
  • New rewards in Global Conquest: Boss units at Fusion Level 3

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