Recently, Microsoft had filed a new patent to bring Rich Notifications for the lock screen on the smartphones. However, it is still uncertain that whether Microsoft will bring this feature to Windows 10 Mobile or the company will release it as Garage app for Android and iOS smartphones.

Microsoft’s latest patent about Rick Notification for lock screen sounds very interesting. For example, if you got a missed call and a message from your friend. As of now, users can see how many missed phone calls and messages notifications on their phone’s lock screen, not matters whether its Windows 10 Mobile, Android or iOS.

However, with Microsoft’s latest patent, users can now click on the notifications of phone calls or messages and the notification will expand and users will able to see notifications in more detail, as you can see in the above images.

In the past, notifications (also termed “badges”), have given users a quick glance-able summary on their lock screen of information that may be of interest to the users. The notifications have done a decent job of conveying information to users, including a count associated with the notification, but have fallen short in so far as providing an ability to distinguish a more important notification from another notification. This is because all of the notifications tend to be treated the same way–that is, with an icon and a count. Furthermore, for a user to be able to identify a communication associated with a more important notification, the user first has to ascertain which notifications are more important. To do this, particularly from the device’s lock screen, the user has to unlock the screen, go to the start menu, find the particular application associated with the notification, and access the application in order to act on the notification. Over time, this can have the undesirable effect of forcing the user to perform multiple actions in order to simply access an application for which a communication has been received.

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