The PC sales are now on a decline stage and Windows 10 launch couldn’t do enough because it was a free upgrade. But 4 years ago Microsoft launched a 2-in-1 tablet Surface , a newer category of tablets that can be as productive a laptop/PC  which changed the way earlier tablets were made. This strategy is now paid off to Microsoft as Windows 10 sales doubled up  to  15.6% in Australia in 2015. While iOS and Android tablets sales are going down between 2014 and 2015. Android sales are down 35% and iOS tablet sales are down 15%.


The overall tablet market was down 18% this year but revenue increased 2% because of sales of more expensive devices such as Microsoft’s Surface tablets and Apple’s iPad Pro.

Research firm Telsyte says:

‘Microsoft is now realising the tablet opportunity, producing its own Surface-branded devices, but also shipping on Windows devices from Samsung (the dominant Android smartphone and tablet vendor) and traditional partners such as Dell and Lenovo.’

“that despite a second year of decline in total market sales, the research firm ‘believes the market is set to grow again in 2016 as consumer appetite shifts to higher end 2-in-1 (computer and tablet) devices.

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