Kantar has been released their 3 months market share report which is ending in February 2016.

The report about Windows Phone market isn’t good again, the OS continue to slip. Market Share keep shrinking. Windows Phone now holding only 5.9% market share in Europe, which is down from 10.1% last year and from 6.4% last month. In UK it also slipped to 6.2%, and even in Italy, its down to 6.7, which used to have the highest market share for the OS. The market share was 14.4% last  year at the same period. There is no improvement anywhere, the OS keep at 2.6% at US and China at 0.9%.

This news should not be surprising, There are not enough new Windows Mobile from Microsoft and OEMs. Also the new budget and flagship devices from Microsoft was deserters and have first version problem. Also OEMs need more times to enter n this eco-system so its kinda Darker age for Windows Mobile fans and users. Also there seems to be nothing special for  Windows Mobile users until 2017. Though you could see some dope device from OEMs like HP, Alcatel, Vaio and Acer.

Source: Kantar.com