Wave 1

Finally, here is a news of the release date of much awaited Redstone (wave 1). This wave 1 update of Redstone is expected to get released in the month of July, this year.  You may ask, how we were able to guess the date. The answer is pretty simple, if you remember, Threshold 2 was released in November of 2015 and hence its version number was 1511. Now, a new documentation for developers about building apps for Redstone, revealed the most possible version of the Redstone.

Wave 1

As you can see from the above image that the Version is 1607, which suggests that Windows 10 Redstone will get released in July of this year.

Most Awaited Redstone Wave 1 Features?

  1. Cortana improvements and more regions support.
  2. New revamped Action Center.
  3. New Extensions for Microsoft Edge from big companies.
  4. New Multitasking Capabilities.
  5. Capability of continuing the usage of an App in 2 windows 10 devices  and many more.

We hope Microsoft to release these features, in todays Event. So, make sure you bookmark us to have a look of these features first. For the unknown Indians, the build will be live streamed by Microsoft at sharp 9 PM and you can live stream it from here.