AppRaisin grabs a brand new update in Windows Store. The app helps new Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users to discover new apps and games. In the app, everyone is requested to post news about Windows Store apps and games, and everyone can influence how far it spreads.

The update brings new features as well as improvements:

  • New features

o   Now UWP Apps/Games will be marked with special “Built for Windows 10” badge

o   Users will be able to Filter news only from UWP apps

o   Users will get headline template suggestions when posting news articles

o   New Spotlight section with hand-picked Featured and Sponsored news

  • Improvements

o   Users will get extra step if they are posting news in few days after last published news about same app

  • Bug Fixes
  • Apply filter button was covered by soft-navigation bar on small phone screens. Now it’s accessible on all screens.
  • Aggregated push notification now opens Notification hub
  • Other small bugs and improvements

Latest version of AppRaisin is v1.8.1 and you can update the app by clicking here.