In the year 2014, when Microsoft started Windows Insiders program for Windows PCs and followed by Windows Phone in the month of February 2015 and later for Xbox devices. The company planned to introduce next major update for Windows 10 Devices, code-named as Windows Redstone.

Windows Insiders are already testing Windows Redstone preview builds on their Windows 10 running devices. However, Windows Redstone is still in early phase of development and it was supposed to introduce many new features like Interactive tiles, Continuum improvements, along with better syncing support between Windows 10 Devices. As reported by WinBeta, Continuum in Windows Redstone will be improved a lot.

Now, WinBeta’s Zac Bowden reports that Windows Redstone will bring “Pick up where you left off” syncing between Windows 10 Devices. The new Windows Redstone feature is seems to be part of Continuum. But, it looks like that this feature will be available for all Windows 10 Redstone devices without any hardware dependency. Lets take an example, suppose I am using Outlook Calendar app on my Windows 10 Laptop. And, creating a new event for my upcoming meeting with Microsoft. Suddenly, I have to leave my home and travel back to my office. I am in hurry, and I forgot to take my Windows 10 Laptop with me, to continue my work. However, right now I am not having my Windows 10 Laptop, and its impossible to continue my work. But, with Windows Redstone upcoming feature, I will be able to continue my work using other Windows 10 PC or Windows 10 Mobile’s Outlook Calendar app. It will allow me to resume my work where I left off, in hurry due to my urgent meeting call.

Indeed, its pretty interesting feature and it will work in every Windows 10 apps like Maps, Outlook Mail and much more. The syncing feature will be very helpful in apps like Microsoft Edge. Suppose you are browsing Windows Latest in your Windows 10 PC. You can resume your browsing from your Windows 10 Mobile or Xbox from where you left off the site.

Microsoft could reveal more details about this feature in upcoming Build 2016 which happening in San Francisco. Don’t forget to bookmark our dedicated page for Build 2016 coverage. Do let us know what you think about Windows Redstone’s upcoming improvements in comments below.

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