Popular, premium, Drawboard PDF universal app has been updated in Windows Store for Windows 10 Devices to version 5.0 beta, the updated app now comes with several new features and improvements.



  • Drawboard PDF is now a Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10) application.
  • Support for Cortana.
  • Support for Windows 10 Drag and Drop.


  • Greatly improved memory usage.
  • More responsive UI.
  • Context menu now lives down the bottom of the document in a short options bar.
  • Enhanced disk caching
  • New inking technology – ink is faster and instantly visible on the canvas.
  • New radial menu technology and interaction animations.
  • Text review tools now appear as you drag the stylus.
  • Text review tools now support opacity.
  • Redesigned Polygon tool.
  • Redesigned Notes tool.
  • Resigned signature tool.
  • Redesigned Insert Text tool.
  • Redesigned arrow tool – now draws as you drag the stylus.
  • Redesigned cloud tool – now draws as you drag the stylus.
  • Improvements to annotation resizing, moving and rotation, maintaining scale proportions.
  • Ability to set opacity on pressure-sensitive ink.
  • Redesigned iconography.
  • Undo/redo now also supports clearing annotations, adding new pages and rotating pages.
  • Insert picture from camera – window no longer fills entire screen.
  • Improved accuracy of text selections.


  • Sound Notes tool has been removed.
  • Group stroke inking has been removed.
  • Pressure sensitivity can no longer be disabled – all ink is now pressure sensitive with the exclusion of that created with Touch to Annotate.
  • Arrowhead direction options have been removed temporarily.

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