Concept is always cooler. They make us re-imagine the reality in a different way. Reality never tries to follow them and yet this is not enough from stopping Creators to create some wonderful concepts. Now, an Iranian creator a.m.i.r.e.s posted the below video of Windows 10 Mobile with many tweaks and some radical changes to the OS which includes features like multi-user operating system and split-screen multi-tasking.

We really liked this idea considering the current Windows 10 Mobile user interface and Features. We really hope that Microsoft notices these kind of things and it would be even great, if it implements some of them. Interested fellows can find the real content from here. Now, its time for you to express your opinions about this.


  • DT Bhattacharjee

    No thanks!! its too cluster, it has useless thing everywhere. Phone is essentially personal who would use Multiple account on them ?

    And Who would spend 30 seconds in Lock Screen ..?

    its waaaayyy slooooowwww animations.

    Though the Navigation Bar idea is pretty useful

    and Action Center looking Fugly here.

    and swipe from left to has another screen , well, its great it become manual,

    only thing is good here is the Split Screen view aka Multi Windows aka Snap. Though I would more like if Microsoft introduce Interactive Live Tiles, where I can see Video and control them right from the 4×4 large tile.

    Else all are awful, disgusting …

    • Sai Swaroop

      Navigation bar idea was really cool and yes animations are slow bcse it’s a concept, not the actual OS

    • Talha Balaj


    • Mayank Parmar

      Excellent comment! I agree. I am always against with complicated lock screen. If all things come in Lockscreen, why would anyone will use start screen.

      • DT Bhattacharjee

        :D thanks

  • Talha Balaj

    It’s Great~~~all is amazing —– But Animations are goddamn slow~~~~

  • surak kumar singh

    Wow!!! What a concept. It really really seems perfect for Windows 10 and it would be. I’m sure. Microsoft should work on this. We will really love ❤ if that makes Microsoft happen.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Lets wait n watch.