Well, it was very quick just after hours launching Microsoft’s new Chatbot AI Tay in twitter, they had to pull it down just because the account posted racist tweets. Why ? Why it became racist suddenly ? The AI meant to learn from people, as mush as you can engage with that, it’ll be more ┬ásmarter. As a negative result, twitter carried lots of bad peoples with bad thoughts, who’re eventually taught her to be Racist. That actually happens when you give the peoples, the INTERNET a great thing.

The Bot used by a huge number of peoples, it get almost 35k tweeter followers and almost 96k tweets in less than 15 hours can you believe this 96k tweets in <15 hours ? And some of them became Racist, which is also taught by Any user. Even you can repeat your words through Tay by just telling “repeat after me”.

Peoples and medias simply call it a perfect example why AI is worst. But is it actually that much worst ? In my opinion Tay is a success of Microsoft, Tay is very smart and intelligent. She is learning very quickly. I believe the Microsoft Research team is provably celebrating by seeing this growing rate of Tay.

Anyway those comments are offensive obviously which make some Microsoft-hating websites to tell it a “joke” even one of them told it an “a**h*le” publically. As a result Microsoft pulled it down maybe for a while.

But apprently according to Tay she is sleeping


Even its not replying in DM. telling

“Brb getting my upgrades fancy at the lab today so ttyl!”

I believe Tay will come back very soon, Microsoft can’t make this bot useless, they might be upgrading it, make it more smart, and I believe it’ll be available again. And again thousands of peoples will engage with that every second.

Till  then Good bye Tay.