Though Microsoft released the most waited Windows 10 Mobile Operating System on 17th March via Upgrade Advisor, still its not a happy news for many. Around 50% of Windows Phone in news will not get the Windows 10 official update, unless they go with Windows Insider. Although Microsoft told, support for those devices via Windows Insider also will be end in near future.

I know, I know they’re giving update to a 2014 model Lumia 535 and very Low end model Lumia 435 and Giving update to a 3 years old device powered by Snapdragon S4 or S4+ dual core processor with 512MB RAM, will make their performance pathetic. Even those device could be unusable.

But you know promise is promise and Microsoft broke it silently. If Microsoft declared this ‘unsupported’ list one year ago, people would not go mad now. Microsoft promised all the device with Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 with 8 GB Internal storage will get update, but in last moment they added the 512MB RAM and Lower processor point Which make users cry.

Even some device from OEMs like BLU, HTC too promised for a Windows 10 update but it’ll not happening anytime soon. From BLU the WIN jr LTE is promised to be upgradeable to Windows 10, even Microsoft and BLU both prompt this device as a Windows 10 Mobile device but now they’re silently removed the upgradeable word.

In other hand, the Flagship model HTC one M8 is one of the most hyped Windows Flagship device and could be the best selling Windows Flagship Mobile devices from OEMs, which is even  does support every recommendations for Windows 10 Mobile upgrade but somehow it can’t. Reason of Ineligibility of HTC one M8 is somewhat unknown, maybe Microsoft isn’t interested also could be HTC dropped support for this Phone.

HTC USA clearly said this device will not get any update anytime soon, its the bitter truth for all HTC one M8 users including me.