Windows Phone 8.1 users are finally able to upgrade their devices to Windows 10 Mobile, at least 50% of Windows Phone 8.1 users can upgrade. Windows 10 Mobile brings new and improved applications, which comes with new features that we missed a lot on our Windows Phone 8.1 experience.


Popular and the best caller-id app, Truecaller for Windows 10 Mobile is already available. Today, the company published their whole list of new features which Windows Phone 8.1 users will notice after upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile on Truecaller app.

Truecaller stated:

It has been a long time coming, and we are thrilled to welcome you to a new world of Truecaller on Windows 10 Mobile. Here are some of the features you will receive when you upgrade your operating system!

Key features of Turecaller for Windows 10 Mobile:

  • Enriched Call History

Put a name and a face to your call history with enriched information including names, and pictures.

  • After Call Identification

Easily see who called, save a contact, report spam after the call without even opening the app.

  • Advanced Blocking Features

Compile your own, custom block list and block unwanted calls. Now block hidden or private numbers too.

  • Make a Skype Calls from Truecaller

Now all you Skype fanatics can identify Skype calls in your Truecaller call history, and even directly make a Skype call from Truecaller

  • Updated Profile Information

Updated information will ensure you have the best information at your fingertips. Now showing location with embedded maps based on the area code, and phone number, as well as operator information.

  • Make Use of Cortana

Aside from the Skype integration, Cortana is also able to search Truecaller for the number or name you are looking for, and then pop up the results without opening the app. You just have to say the magic words “Can you Truecaller [INSERT NAME OR NUMBER HERE].”

Other word sequences are:

  • Truecaller, do you know [INSERT NAME OR NUMBER HERE]
  • Truecaller, search for [INSERT NAME OR NUMBER HERE]
  • Look for [INSERT NAME OR NUMBER HERE] in Truecaller
  • Truecaller, find [INSERT NAME OR NUMBER HERE]
  • Who is [INSERT NAME OR NUMBER HERE] in Truecaller

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