Hey folks, welcome to our special edition where we share our views on what is happening in the tech world. For today we are gonna share our views on those companies who are more innovative than innovation. Microsoft never boasts itself when the topic comes about innovation and Apple which always claims that they are the innovators. So, lets decide which company is more innovative in these few years.

After watching yesterdays Apple Event its quite evident that Apple is ignoring those products which made Apple “Apple The Great”. If you guys look at the tools like “Mac Pro”, which was launched in 2013 is still not updated with a new look and functionality.
Even if you look at MacBooks, the design hasn’t changed since years and those laptops have never got a complete overhaul or a new look, and this makes us feel that Apple has stopped innovating and it has chosen easier way to grab market. The only thing that Apple is doing is that, they are only interested in IOS devices. Although Apple makes huge amount of money from them, they should not ignore the real work making devices. This was what Microsoft was few years back, but now we feel that Microsoft is back. Microsoft was never a hardware company, but with the Surface lineup they started to make some innovative hardware which even forced Apple to make a copy cat IPad Pro.

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-4-vs.-iPad-Pro-681x383Now don’t say that IPad Pro is a full fledged computer just like Surface pro 4, it just simply runs IOS at the core which simply cant do PC like stuff. So, what is Microsoft doing, Microsoft is experimenting things which has already shown many positive results. Another product that made many to have goosebumps was Surface Book, and with Surface Book the dynamic fulcrum, straw like hinge is what we call Innovation in the Tech Industry. But we are saddened to say that Apple is doing nothing like this and it just wants to continue in the race with IOS products.

187-stevePast says a lot of lessons, when IPhone was first launched in 2007, Former CEO of Microsoft made fun of it. He said that no body is gonna use a IOS device, now look where is Microsoft in the Mobile World. So, the fact is that if you become Complacent in the Tech Industry, you will be booted out in the coming few years. And we personally feel that Apple is sort of following that path now a days. Apple is totally ignoring the Computing market and specially the Professional tools like Mac pro and MacBooks etc…. You may argue that Apple might bring a new MacBook in the coming months, but the truth is that Competition has already started and time never waits for you to compete with others.  Many innovative things that Microsoft is doing are about to give fruits this year or the coming one. Microsoft HoloLens is futuristic, and what is Apple doing.

So, these were some of our views which clearly matched with the views of Tech Guru (@geekyranjit). After reading this you might have understood which company is more Innovative and which is a copy cat, but if you have any special theories please do share with us in the comments below.

  • Suresh Chouksey

    Listen Swaroop, Apple has kept its classic design throughout the series and its the virtue of design that has kept them rollin in the market despite stiff competition. While Microsoft has only displayed their Software minded approach in the hardware business of Phones and Tabs and have failed miserably in doing so.

    • Sai Swaroop

      I agree with you for some extent but Microsoft didn’t make those surfaces for profit but their plan was to force their OEM partners to make quality products. And here’s where it succeeded, if u are with us with CES, u might have seen many companies releasing tablets like surface pro 4. Even companies like Lenovo, ho, dell made great laptops.

    • Sai Swaroop

      That was with windows 8. It failed but windows 10a stupendous hit for msft

    • DT Bhattacharjee

      I usually don’t reply any fanboy but, SERIOUSLY are talking with your mind ?? in terms of innovation Apple lived in Stone Age. Which thing you thought as INNOVATION ?? The 3D Touch ? Which is copied of FORCE TOUCH from Huawei !! The SMART KEYBOARD ?? Which is a epic fail while copying TYPE COVER of Surface ?? And-and Microsoft failed in Tablet ? Joking ? Take a look what Surface is.. yes in Mobile line-up they’re seriously pissed off.

  • DT Bhattacharjee

    In terms of innovation Microsoft is always ahead of Apple, from Windows to HoloLens, From Tablet PC to Surface/Pro/Book, From Pocket PC to Continuum.

  • Mehul Jariwala

    Just a short and simple example of Microsoft innovation is continuum… In windows10 mobile…. It is more and far better useful and worth innovation than iPhones 3d touch..

    • Mayank Parmar

      Well, continuum is specific to few devices. It requires a external display to.. Use less if you just have a 950 XL without a external display. Whereas 3D touch is software part and it works well on every devices.. No external hardware required.

      • Mehul Jariwala

        3d touch is also available only on 6s….iyes continuum requires external display…but..it is meant to give a pc experience from your device…can iPhone 3d touch could provide that useful experience…No way…

      • Mehul Jariwala

        Another innovative idea from Microsoft is single platform on all devices…that is windows 10..this gives same experience of OS on all devices running windows 10… That’s soo cool…ios doesn’t provide that experience..

      • DT Bhattacharjee

        Lol, 3D Touch do need a external hardware xD xD xD .. that’s why its limited to iPhone 6S/+ , even the latest 4″ shit doesn’t have this. ..

        though 3D touch = force touch , nothing *invention* . they just copied from Huawei and give it a name, which is also copied from Microsoft’s/Nokia’s Mix View aka Exploding Tile aka 3D Touch (remember McLaren’s leaked video ??) .

        And why I need a 3D Touch aka Force Touch ? when i can do the same thing by Long press?

        But you can’t tell any replacement of Continuum in Windows Mobile /Convergence in Ubuntu Phone, ;) ;)