Couple of days ago we reported the leaked screenshot of upcoming Redstone build 14294, now seems like its really happening. Few  days ago Microsoft already pushed 14291 for both of PC insiders and Mobile insiders.

Today Gabriel Aul replied a tweet by telling “working for me in 14294 :) ” so we can assure this build is happening internally even not only for Mobile devices but also for PC devices. We can also expect that this build may add more mobile devices in Redstone wave. But still there will be no new feature.

There are lots of Rumor about Redtsone build including the very useful floating Cortana, support for Mix-View and how can anyone forget Interactive Live Tiles, there are also a rumor about Aero theme in Windows 10 Mobile. But all of them is yet to be official, there are nothing news about all those cool stuffs and features, which can blow our mind. About Continuum there are also a rumor “Enhanced Continuum” which wll have support for Win32 app in supported devices and support for touch input.

But still we can hope this features will come soon in upcoming redtsone builds. This updates could have improvement under the hoods in OneCore but no changes or improvements in UI or UX.

We all have many desire feature to ask from Microsoft in upcoming builds and updates, let us know in comments.