4shared is a popular file online file sharing storing service. With the app you can access your files anytime you need, being sure that they are always kept safe in your 4shared account.

Recently, 4shared for Windows 10 has been updated with new features like Cortana integration which one the requested feature by 4shared users. Full changelog reads as:

  • Cortana voice search: implies the recognition of a pronounced phrase as a search query and enables the instant search in one or across several file categories, (Music, Photos, Video, Apps, etc.).
    • How to use: simply tell your search query to Cortana, e.g. “4shared, search for hardcore in music category.”
  • Ink (Handwriting Input) search: implies the recognition of a handwriting input as a search query.
    • How to use: write one or several search keywords, tags, a file extension) in a special “Handwriting Input area” to begin.

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