WhatsApp beta on Windows Phone
Image Courtesy: WindowsCentral.com

WhatsApp developers are one of the most caring developer in Windows Phone platform. Their private BETA app updates in every week and added one or two new features. In past few weeks it added some very important feature like Documents Sharing.

Now their Private BETA added a new feature while sharing video. Now you can cut or I should say, you can edit how long the video you want to share. This feature follows the recent addition of the video compressor to the app, which meant users can now easily send much longer video.

Aggiornamentilumia.it noticed it, they also told this feature actually works great with light video but it becomes too slow when you try to do this with much longer, much bigger video. But we should not forget that it is very early release of this feature and it should be improved and should become fluid in upcoming update.

Aggiornamentilumia.it also posted a video of this feature you can watch it from below:

thanks DT for this tip !!