File Explorer is an essential part for every Operating System, and it should be capable everything related to Files in our drives. File Explorer was introduced with Windows 8 by ditching the Windows Explorer from Windows 7. And this was actually a major update of File Explorer on Windows OS.

The major update on Windows 8  brings many Ui changes with ribbons very common tasks such as copying and moving, creating new folders, emailing and zipping items, and changing the view. Even though the File Explorer is very powerful application or tool in Windows for managing files but it still lack some Ui moderation touch based devices. If you use Windows in a touch device you may face problem with this File Manager Ui.

There are actually nothing any official way to handle File Managing with a desired way in touch based devices with Windows 10. Because, the File Explorer is already not optimised for touch based devices and the OneDrive modern app, which can be used to manage file, from Windows 8 also removed in Windows 10.

Hopefully Microsoft is aware of this problem, Peter Skillman, GM of Core UX for Windows Desktop told on twitter that, they’re working in a major update for File Explorer app in Windows 10. Though he is still not reveal any timeline of this update, but still it is coming soon.

We can hope, Microsoft will do this work perfectly, they should optimize the app in such way, where it would be perfect for both in touch based devices and in keyboard-mouse based devices. Microsoft should not forget that PC is still the biggest market for Microsoft, so they should not make the app too touch friendly or unusable in PC. If they do this, it will screwed up PC user.

Though Microsoft need to do lots more work on this File Explorer app, but what our readers thinking ? Which feature you thinking should be added in File Explorer ? Let us know in comment section.