Lenovo is one of the largest or probably the largest PC maker for Windows. When the topic comes about Innovation, Lenovo is the clear winner. With the Yoga series and convertible laptops Lenovo shaked the whole PC market. And now to drive as a more stronger innovation, Lenovo is undertaking the following structural and leadership changes.


  1.  The PC Group (PCG) will undertake a significant realignment, becoming   Lenovo’s PC & Smart Device Business Group, responsible for delivering PCs, detatchables, tablets, phablets, gaming and smart home products across Windows, Chrome and Android based products.
  2. Lenovo’s Enterprise Business Group will become the Data Center Group (DCG), focused on this high-growth, high-potential market
  3. Lenovo’s Mobile Business Group has unique advantages to compete globally and win globally: with a stronghold in China, powerful brands, worldwide sales channels and a robust IP portfolio.  Today, Xudong Chen and Aymar de Lencquesaing become co-presidents of MBG, reporting to Yuanqing Yang, to maximize these advantages
  4. While cloud is critical to the future, the landscape for Lenovo’s Ecosystem and Cloud Services (ECS) Group has changed. Lenovo can now take better advantage of opportunities in ecosystem innovation through a newly structured group, the Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group

One thing that is clear that they are not looking forward to run their reputation anytime soon making Windows Phones(Windows 10 Mobile).