6tag has been updated for Windows phone devices with the addition of a few feature. The update has no bug fixes as well. The updated app adds a number of in-app purchases for users who would like to contribute financially to 6tag development.

Following In-App Purchases (IAP) are available there in app now:

  • “remove ads”
  • “enable video upload”
  • both “removes ads” and “enables video upload “
  • donate to 6tag with 3 tiers of “Donor”, “Super Donor” and “Mega Donor”

Rudy Huyn’s 6tag app is so popular because it added features in Windows Phone app that were not present in Official Instagram app on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. For example, Multiple Accounts features was present in Windows Phone app for more than 1.5 years which has been recently added to the official android app. It entered into the Windows Phone OS as one of the very few initial Instagram clients for Windows Phone. It still is the one of the best Instagram client apps on any platform.

Also, Rudy Huyn is also working on 6tag’s universal app. IAP would definitely help in 6tag’s development in future.

Download it on the store from here.