HERE, one of the popular and best maps app available in any operating system. HERE apps in Windows 10 Store was very famous for its removal and re-adding process.

Today, the company officially announces that HERE apps will no longer work on Windows 10 Mobile Devices. However, the app will continue to work on Windows Phone 8 devices due it’s deep integration with OS. The company stated:

This means the HERE apps will no longer work on devices running Windows 10 mobile after June 30, 2016. To prepare for this change, we have also decided to remove the HERE apps from the Windows 10 store on March 29, 2016.

If you have a smartphone with Windows Phone 8 or a PC with Windows 8

HERE is deeply integrated in the Windows Phone 8 operating system. The HERE apps for Windows Phone 8 will continue to work for you without any disruption. However, we made the business decision to stop the development of new features. Additionally, the maps developed specifically for Windows Phone will not be updated.

On other hand, the company is recommending users to use default maps app in Windows 10 Mobile devices, the company says:

For maps, routes and navigation, we recommend using the preinstalled Windows Maps application. The Windows Maps app contains many HERE elements since Microsoft has developed it using the HERE Platform and with assets they received from HERE in 2014. Based on your comments on HERE 360 and elsewhere, we know many of you are already having a good experience using Windows Maps.

Indeed, its is pretty sad news. But, we hope Microsoft will continue to update their maps app and make it even more better. What do you think? Comments below: