WeChat is a great alternative to WhatsApp messaging app. WeChat supports Windows Phone with frequent updates and they are one of the company who promised to join the Windows 10 universal platform very soon.

Today the picked up an update with no changelog available from Wechat side. However, we take this update as a bug fixer. If you found something new with this update, don’t forget to shout in the comments below:

Download Link

Thanks Rajesh Komte for the tip!

  • DT Bhattacharjee

    Lol, somedays ago the developers said they would end support for Windows Phone with WeChat and QQ .. xD , and after that they update WeChat 2 times and QQ 1 times :p

    • Mayank Parmar

      Haha, they just delayed! And, they have to launch W10 app.

      • DT Bhattacharjee

        Lol yes they delayed that :p ..

        I think in this //build/ event, some apps (eg; FB, Insta ) will release their UWA