We saw lots of leaks about the Windows 10 variants of HTC’s upcoming HTC one M10. Even Microsoft’s strategy about Windows 10 Mobile to get more OEM, to provide Windows 10 Mobile to more user. Also there are raining of Windows 10 mobile OEMs in Japan. But HTC isn’t agree yet, confirmed by Evan Blass (aka @evLeaks at twitter).


There was a time when HTC also one of diamond Windows Phone ecosystem but after HTC one M8, looks like HTC paused to take care of Windows Phone, even after many OEM released Windows 10 mobile. HTC’s upcoming “one M10” will be known for  its “very compelling camera experience” also a Fingerprint reader. As usual, its a flagship, so will have enough power to be “continuum supported device”. But Alas! HTC isn’t ready for that yet.

Though Microsoft got enough interest from many OEMs, but still we don’t see any leaks of rumor about popular OEM like HTC, Samsung and LG. Also is Microsoft stepping back from Windows 10 Mobile area, so we could have a chance to see some OEMs like Acer, HP filling the gap.

Source :- EVAN BLASS