Microsoft rolled out another insider preview build 10586.122 to slow ring and release preview ring. As from previous Redstone build fast ring is only available for new Lumia phone i.e. Lumia 550/650/950/950XL.  To get this build you need to enroll to slow or release ring. See our earlier post for more details.


We have installed the current build on following phones,

  • Lumia 640 (under review)
  • Lumia 1020
  • Lumia 630
  • Lumia 520 (under review)

We checked a quick first impression with the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 630. In short there are improvements and mostly stability improvements only. There is no such major addition of features as we saw in Redstone build like ‘3G Only option came back’. You can watch the Redstone build impression here.

2016-03-03-(5) 2016-03-03-(4)

Change Log:

According to Windows Blog,

Here are the fixes included in this release:
  • Improved Kanji input experience while using Continuum.
  • Improved the speed in which thumbnails appear for portrait videos.
  • Improved Internet Sharing on select mobile network configurations.
  • Fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge that prevented Word Flow input on some sites.
  • Fixed an issue that previously prevented the option to “Close all Tabs” in Microsoft Edge from closing all open tabs.
  • Improved IMS registration on select mobile network configurations.
  • Fixed an issue where adding your MSA during OOBE would fail and prevent the account from being re-added after the failure.
  • Improved the email sync experiences when connecting to Wi-Fi networks with a captive portal.
  • Improved data connection profiles for dual SIM devices.
  • Updated background processing of multiple changes to improve battery life of devices.
  • Improved quality of video record to SD memory cards.
  • Improved video recording audio in some cases.
  • Improved overall OS reliability, including reliability of the Start screen, app updates, and the Windows Feedback app
  • Improved Alarm reliability.

We have explained all changes description in our demo video (end of the article) for a better understanding in case you want to know. Since most of the changes are stability and fixes they are not visible if you wanted to search them. They can be experienced from day to day usage only.


Lets us now see a quick impression on initial usage,

Installation and Upgrade:

The download process on Lumia 1020 takes 15 minutes on 8 mbps Brodband connection using insider low ring. The same 15 – 20 minutes time it takes for Lumia 630 using insider release preview. The installation time takes around 30 minutes including data migration too.


First Impression:

We noticed that boot time as reduced as mentioned by Microsoft. Lumia 1020 switched on in lesser time as compared to previous builds. General usage like app opening, few text on WhatsApp and hike is fine. Usually, on first boot device tells its story itself. The windows 10 mobile seems to get stable day by day and it’s a good sign as already Microsoft is way behind the schedules of releasing Windows 10 Mobile.  Lumia 630 on the other hands does a good job as usual. You can see the previous 10586.107 review of Lumia 630 also.


General Performance:

We believe to first verify the general performance instead of doing heavy loads. As Most users we found concerns about the general usage. We opened almost all opens on testing and they all seems to work excellent, Just a weird problem we found on each build. After installation, the phones feels a bit sluggish in use and it freezes too. Once rebooted it usually starts working. You can see the same in Lumia 1020 in our video demo below (end of article). The apps like,

  • One Drive
  • Outlook
  • Store (slow initially then works smooth after a reboot)
  • Messaging (slow initially then works smooth after a reboot)
  • Skype
  • AppSocial
  • Windows Camera (it is very fast now compared to Lumia Camera)
  • Settings (very fast as usual)

In short most apps opened very fine. You will not feel any difficulty.


Before to build 10586.107 when we do app switching we found some of the app previews went dark. In this build, we didn’t have any such issues on that. Although in our demo we haven’t does much but after that till the writing of the post we have done heavy app switching and phones handles fine.

Also, app switcher takes lees time too, we did notice that too.


Its funny first time we tried to play Asphalt 8 game together in both Lumia 1020 and Lumia 630, but we are not able to play at last :). But starting Asphalt on Lumia 1020 even on high graphics is really good compared to previous versions. We are sure on playing most games there will be improvements. Also, it depends on the device you are running. We are playing games on other devices too and will share our experience soon.



Windows Camera is now working fast compared to Lumia Camera. The Old camera king Lumia 1020 works very smooth using Windows Camera. See in the video below for more details. Yet the quality of the picture depends upon your device too.



Initial battery statistics is very good, On 100% charge Lumia 1020 is showing 2 days and 7 hours of standby time and yes our device is 18 months old now. Till editing of post we still have 75% battery left on general usage.



We noticed some of the app icons like MSN Weather is missing, We are yet finding and listing the issues and want to make this is a separate article.

Final Verdict:

As said earlier also windows 10 mobile is getting stable day by day and we are enjoying each build. If you want to update you can go ahead but make sure to take the backup before installing the build.

We will soon come with a detailed review. Stay tuned and thanks for reading. Let us know if you have any questions.

Video Demo:

YouTube video


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