Nokia as a brand, evokes a lot of emotions. For a large number of Indians, their first phones would most likely have seen Nokias. We are talking about a brand that transcended all divisions based on social class – rich, poor and middle. A brand that a surprising number of Indians swear by even today. A brand that truly “Connected People”. There are not just a few but many phones that can still think you again to hold those devices. We will take you back in past to show you some of the phones.

Nokia 7600

Nokia is known for having some out there phone designs. Released in 2003, the Nokia 7600 looked like a teardrop. The size and shape of the phone meant it had to be held with two hands at all times. But it did have the added bonus of looking like a Tamagotchi for grown-ups.

Nokia 7280

The Nokia 7280, also known as the “lipstick phone” is possibly the weirdest. Released in 2005, it didn’t have a keyboard, but used a spinner, much like the old iPods – not that convenient on a phone.

Nokia 3650

A step up from the teardrop, the Nokia 3650 had a magical circular keypad. The 2002 phone was also smart – it ran Symbian Series 60.

Nokia N90

This phone-cum-video camera was ahead of its time when released in 2005. The swiveling screen transformed the Nokia N90 into a portable camcorder. It sported a 2MP Carl Zeiss camera with LED flash.

Nokia 6800

Nokia really liked to experiment with the classic keypad. Convinced users weren’t satisfied with one option, the Nokia 6800’s regular pad flipped out to reveal a full set of Qwerty keys.

Nokia 3250

Again playing around with that troublesome keyboard, the Nokia 3250 was a smartphone designed for music lovers. The spinning bottom half of the phone revealed simple MP3 controls of play, stop, go forward, go back keys.

Nokia 7350

At first glance the Nokia 7370 looks like a slide phone. But look closer and you’ll notice that the top and bottom edges are straight and the middle curved. Yes, this was a 180 degree swivel phone. Designed specifically for fashion conscious users, it was announced in 2005.

Nokia 7700

The Nokia 7700 was expected to be the first multimedia smartphone. But it never actually made it to the market. Announced in 2003, it would have had a touch screen, camera, Bluetooth, FM radio and a “full” web browser.

Nokia 7710

The Nokia 7710 had a better fate than its 7700 predecessor. This was Nokia’s first touch screen phone, released in 2004. It looked a bit like a Sat Nav, and had a 1MP camera that could shoot video, an MP3 player and web browser. It weighed 190g and cost around £500 in 2005.

Nokia N Gage

The Nokia N-Gage was an attempt to create a perfect synergy between mobile phone and hand held games console. Launched in 2003, its usability was criticised in both cases.

Nokia 5510

The Nokia 5510 sideways phone was an early predecessor to the N-Gage. Released in 2001, it cost close to £200 and had a total of 45 keys.

Nokia 8910i

One of Nokia’s first business phones, the Nokia 8910i had a sturdy Titanium casing. It cost nearly £400, and because it was made from metal the handset was almost always freezing.

Nokia g20 Communicatoe

The Nokia g201I Communicator, released in 2002, was the company’s second attempt at a flip-open Qwerty keyboard phone. It worked a bit like a mini laptop, but with an extra screen and keypad on the front. It could SMS, MMS, email and fax, as well as having attachment and document viewers and a video player. It weighed a hefty 244g.

Nokia 7620

This interesting piece was released in 2005 as one of Nokia’s more creative designs. The Nokia 7620 had downloadable polyphonic ringtones and weighed 77g.

Nokia 2300

Nokia blended a child’s geometry set with a packet of parma violets to spice up this otherwise bland number. On the plus side the Nokia 2300 had Snake 2 and Snake Impact+, a calculator, stop watch, picture messaging and changeable front and back covers.

Nokia 3200

The Nokia 3200, launched in 2003, had an Art Deco feel with circular keys and interchangeable covers.