Windows Insider running windows 10 mobile, from more than a year now were kept side with no clear explanation from Microsoft. A long awaited Redstone build 14267 for mobile has rolled out to new lumias only which comes preinstalled with Windows 10 Mobile OOB. As of now only few devices Lumia 550, 650, 950, 950XL, Xiomi Mi4 and Alcatel Fierce OneTouch are runnig windows 10 mobile OOB. You can check a complete list of devices that are launched with windows 10 mobile or they may come preinstalled here.


If you are a windows phone fan and enjoying the windows 10 mobile on your favourite Lumia phone, you can’t wait to try the new build even though it is not available for your phone. We tried on couple of our handsets,

We only want to try this only on devices that are still covered under Nokia Warranty, as this could permanently damage your device.

Previous Build Experience:

Before we go ahead with the new build It will be wise to revisit the current build 10596.107 and see the review and first impression. That will give us a clear view is there really any performance difference at all, except few features only. You can read these articles too for more details,

Here is the video for the first impression of build 10586.107 running with Lumia 640 XL and Lumia 1020,

Now, let’s begin and see the experience of build 14267.1004. This build is a cumulative update to previous 14267 build released a few days back so this will only contain bug fixes.

Change Log:

Here is the complete change log according to Windows Blog,

Build 14267.1004 is the same build as 14627 but with two very important fixes and one new feature:
  • We fixed the issue reported by Insiders in Build 14267 where the Lumia 550 no longer charges or connects via USB. If you hit this issue on your Lumia 550 – we have laid out guidance on various methods to get back into a good state here.
  • We fixed the issue preventing Visual Voicemail notifications from happening.
  • We’re introducing Visual Voicemail for dual-SIM devices such as dual-SIM Lumia 950 XL! Work for this feature was in Friday’s release but due to the

    above mentioned

    bug impacting notifications it was not working correctly. But now the experience should be working as expected.
  • We’ve released an update to the People app that brings back the history feature. For a given contact you communicate with, you can view the interaction, whether by today, yesterday, last week etc. Right now, your Skype messages won’t show up in history yet but we’re working on enabling this in a future update. Also – we’re tracking a bug in which opening an email item in history might not take you to that specific email.

Known Issues:

  • If you have the Windows Feedback app pinned to Start, after upgrading from Build 10586.107 it will no longer show as pinned.
  • We are seeing reports from Windows Insiders of issues connecting to wireless displays. We’re investigating.
  • When using Continuum on the Lumia 950 XL – the trackpad experience is not working correctly.
  • Additional speech languages and keyboards are not downloadable in this build.

Installing the Redstone build:

We will not recommend user to install the build. If any website is too posting and guiding that, we will request them too not to encourage user. “It will be always better to late rather than damage“. We at WindowsLatest understand users experience and can only provide information which can help you no to damage or get you in trouble.

In case you are still looking to install it, you can still loom on the web to get it done, but here will be the consequences of that,

  • Unable to reset windows
  • Device brick (unfortunately we are victim of that)
  • Misbehaviour of OS and apps
  • Frequent freeze (our Lumia 640 has this issue)
  • Hardware damage.
  • Random and junk alphabets.

Observations & Findings:

During use for two days, we did find some of the issues that can be unexpected too. We have listed out them as below,

  • Junk characters in app name. See in the video at the end for details. As of now you can see the name of Cortana app in below image.


  • Exceptional battery information, not sure it can actually make that much, but yes windows 10 mobile does give good battery backup.


I even posted that on my twitter account the battery statistics of 640 XL with the same build. At 79% it is showing 3 days of usage. Just wondering what it could be at 100% ???


Lumia 640 XL us really giving very good backup for atleast 2 days with general usage, that I can assure you.

  • Performance is same as 10586.107 build, you can check the previous video and post . I found no issues at all.

  • Still 8 no of apps on recent you can open. You can read one of our previous post  “Android vs Windows: Only 16 recent apps with 4 GB RAM Soc 820 in 2016“. Still its a shame number “8” in 2016. Where apps are the main points of using smartphones and you can’t use more than 8 apps.
  • Previously connected devices using Bluetooth aren’t get connected easily. Turning off the Bluetooth a few times on both device and pairing again does the job.
  • Multiple apps instances seem to be fixed, but we are not confirmed on that as it is coming again after some time. To know more about the bug you can watch a quick video here.
  • 3G only option is a good welcome back change, and hopefully it will come to other builds too.



Lumia 640 XL is very good phablet phone considering the price and size. The LTE version is sure a good choice for mid range windows phone. You can read the current build 10586.107 performance in this post and for 14267.1004 build review see the video below. Overall the device is working very fine in most of the situation. Only concern is the space issue on the device. Which can’t be changed?

Final Verdict:

Except a few unique changes the Redstone build is same in terms of performance, We have no regret that this build has not been rolled out older Lumia phones which still have 95% share of all windows phones. The new features here will soon be coming 10586 build series too and don’t try to interop you old device just because of a few features.

Video Demo:

At the end here is the complete summary video that you can watch and see the build in action.

As again thanks for reading. Let us know if you have any concern and queries. D follow @WindowsLatest to get unique and honest information.