As we reported earlier today that Microsoft push the update towards their Photos and Windows Camera app. But at that time there was not any changelog included their. So we assume it would be a regular bug fixing update. But now they include a changelog there we came to know, now we can replay live images.

The Photos app version now updated to 16.201.16372.0 and here the full list of changelog:-

  • Replay Living Images by pulling slightly left or right (Phone) or clicking the replay button (PC)
  • View Low-resolution photos at a larger scale on high resolution devices
  • Print Individual photos using more detailed Print options (PC Only)
  • Bug Fixed

The Windows Camera App updated to 2016.128.91.0. which have some improvement in lens feature also the full changelog here:-

  • Bug Fixes for reliability and performance
  • User Experience Improvements

The updated version of Windows Camera app can be found here and Microsoft Photos app can be found from here.

Still if you notice any change rather than this official changelog,let us know in comment section.