“Android vs Windows”, long debatable words that have their own dedicated fan group. Each group gets adjusted to its platform he/she is dedicated too. But we should not be biased if we like our platform and we should not defend it too as well. This is the reason of “Android vs Windows”, posts that we are running.


We have already made a few discussion in past and you can read them below,

To day we will be seeing the windows phone one of the  most requested feature,

  • Voice Recorder
  • Call Record

There are some of the limitatons that for both the Android and Widows phone. We will look for windows phone 10 first,

  • No call recording (except High end like Lumia 950 XL)
  • No Background Recording (when running in background)
  • No standby recording (when screen is locked)


We will look in details very soon and before that we will also see is there any limitation to Android,

  • Stock android doesn’t have built-in recording feature.

Still there are plenty of  recorder apps in Android play store for voice recorder. Windows 10 mobile has now built in Voice Recorder app it  looks to me promising but lack some of the important features that should be there.

I am giving  a clear example, as a business person I need to use to have many skype calls and but sadly voice recorder app is not reliable. Let me tell you why,

  • Need to record voice call’s from meetings and memo by doing other works in parallel.
  • If the meeting went log, then you might have to hold the phone by keeping it unlocked.
  • If the phone has to put in the pocket during recording.

Drawback of Native Windows Voice Recorder:

  • Not able to run in background
  • Not able to run when the screen is locked automatically


Advantage of android voice recorders:

  • There is no such big advantage except, but it’s built into OS and can record voice call too (a few handsets only)


Drawback of Native Android Voice Recorder:

  • There is no built in Native voice record application. You need to download third part apps.

You might have understood the problems that you will have when running windows 10 mobile.

Advantage of android voice recorders:

  • Need to record voice call’s from meetings and memo in parallel to other work, it will run perfectly.
  • If the meeting went log, then no problem, you can keep the recording working in the background.
  • Putting your phone in pocket too after locking the screen continues the recording to work.

clearly Android offers much more features and flexibility to use. Microsoft has made the api;s hidden or limited to the app developers to use their code.

Live Demo:

You can watch the demo and comparison in action on below link,

YouTube video


As always thanks for reading. Do let us know you views on this.

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