This started as a trial program in 2014 for the New York Police Department, to offer officers a Windows Phone. But now this Windows Phone has been expended to the majority of cops on the force. According to NYPD, more than 25000 are now a user of Windows Phone, and they’ll increase it at 36000 ‘within weeks’.


NY1 said NYPD has already seen a lot of work has been done with these phones. And most of device appeared as Lumia 640XL and Lumia 520.

“Police say on this past Monday alone cops looked at 2,000 wanted flyers, conducted 36,000 database searches and reviewed information about 29,000 911 calls on their phones.”

These phones also offers some custom build apps which allows to do Universal search across all NYPD database, and some state and federal databases which can be helpful in many situations


For example, 73rd precinct cops received alerts from the new high-tech shot-spotter system that eight shots had been fired near 409 Saratoga Avenue. When they searched the building’s roof, they found bullet casings. Using their phones again, cops discovered a woman in the building had an outstanding arrest warrant. They got a search warrant over their phones for her apartment, where they found two guns, and made three arrests.

Source: NY 1 Via: WinBeta