Now, our Lumia 640 with Windows 10 Mobile Build 14267 is facing a major bug. When we turn on the device, it is actually freezing when try to turn on the mobile data toggle from Action center. The issue happens every time on our Lumia 640. However, the workaround to resolve the issue till next reboot is trying to do a soft reset until the freezing issue solves. You can watch the video to see the major bug in action:

However, the fix is temporary and Microsoft needs to squash the bug as soon as possible. It is worth to mention, the issue is not happening on Lumia which are in supported list and along with Lumia 640 XL (unsupported with Redstone Build). It seems the issue is hitting to very few Lumia devices or just Lumia 640 variants. We don’t advise any of our readers to install new build on their Lumia 640. As our Lumia 640 has become totally unusable.

If you are having any doubts, Please tell us in comments below:

  • Mayank Parmar

    Same here.

  • Giacomo

    Same on 925, I had the same issue with each Redstone build, even on the latest 14364.
    But there are some interesting points:
    – when i use my italian SIM the phone (Lumia 925) works perfectly, no freeze when turning on/off SIM data.
    – putting in my german SIM, i always have this issue, so it is something related to the carrier, maybe some wrong data exchanged between the phone and the network. I cannot understand why my italian SIM works perfectly.
    – immediately after a reboot/reset, when i turn on Aero Mode just before the phone connect to the carrier, and then off, i have no more issue with SIM data (even with the german SIM), until i restart the phone.
    – never had a problem with TH2, so it might be a bug in Redstone – i know there are still bugs with dual SIM phones, so the SIM data might be related to this, and happens only with some mono-SIM devices…

    I will post some news if i find something new out.

    • Mayank Parmar

      lol this is cool :P